Toenail Fungus Treatment: Natural 2-Step Topical Antifungal Solution

Every part of your body should be shown TLC. Most people overlook their nails, especially toenails. The many treatments and foot care remedies accessible depend on the foot condition you are treating. In this article, we will focus on toenail fungus treatment.

For a person who has been struggling with foot infections and fungal problems, this can take a considerable toll. The numerous benefits with a toenail fungus medication include financial, as well, since most are quite affordable over the counter.

Furthermore, you do not need frequent visits to your foot care specialist because this treatment is essentially DIY procedure you can do in the comfort of your own home. In just a few simple steps, you can easily carry out this treatment yourself.

If you always feel self-conscious about how your nails look, worry no more.

Methods to Alleviate Nail and Feet Problems

There are several ways you can take care of fungi nail problems. Read on to learn how you can in a 5 most common ways.

1. Prescription Creams and Polish

When you visit a foot specialist, your nails will likely get a trim. Also, a piece of your toenail will be sent to a lab to confirm that you are dealing with a fungal infection. The reason why a podiatrist takes a sample is to verify and know which type of fungi may have attacked your toenail. After cross checking these different types of organisms, prescription drugs like antifungal pills and topical treatments are given.

2.  Nail Removal

If you have a severe infection, the whole or part of the nail gets removed. Remember that a new nail might take an entire year to grow back. This method is useful because all the infections clear up and a new improved healthy nail grows back. Your foot doctor will most likely give a toenail cream you can use to keep any further fungi away.

3. Laser Treatment

Another method is the use of lasers, which can be quite successful as it zaps the infected parts away more permanently. The only problem with this method is that is still new, and it is more expensive than other treatments out there. Most insurance firms do not cover these types of procedure.

4. Topical Fungus Treatment

Applying topical fungus treatment is an effective and affordable way to treat cases of fungal nail infections. There are many topical fungus treatments widely accessible that offer proven results.

For instance, toenail fungus treatment that contain super active ingredients like oregano and tea tree oil have been shown to help remove discolored yellow parts from infected nails. This method is popular among many sufferers because it is inexpensive, simple to use and offers long-lasting effects.

As with any treatment or remedies, there can be some side effects. With a toenail fungus medication, some common side effects of prescription drugs are:

  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • Vomiting
  • Liver damage

5. Toenail Fungus Treatment- Natural 2-Step Topical Anti-Fungal Solution with Oregano and Tea Tree Oil

This natural product removes the yellow pigmentation from infected fingers and nails. Fungus grows well in a moist environment; the typical groups of people susceptible to toenail fungal infection include those who wear boots for long periods of time, people who typically wear closed toed shoes, individuals with excess foot perspiration and also athletes.

With the above topical foot treatment, botanical ingredients like oregano, tea tree, olive oil, sesame oil, almond oil, jojoba oil plus more are featured and work effectively together to provide fast relief. These ingredients help clear toenails, prevent discoloration and flare-ups, and promote healthy and fast nail growth and common fungal infections. This solution is extremely simple to use, giving you a more straightforward application procedure.

Application of Toe Fungal Treatment

Applying treatment yourself at home can be done in a few simple steps:

  • Add one single dropper of the nail soak solution to some warm water
  • Apply to the infected area using a little soft brush
  • Soak your foot for five minutes
  • Pat-dry with a clean towel
  • Apply the topical solution.

The above toe fungus treatment has super-effective results within days. After a week of application, you will experience some favorable results. No longer will you walk around feeling self-conscious because of the appearance of your toenails.

The whole foot solution has a sweet smell that leaves your feet smelling pleasantly throughout the day. It is a safe and painless treatment as it relieves pain, scaly feet, and nail discoloration.

Another feature this product offers is affordability. Some nail fungal treatments can cost up to $700 which is quite expensive for most individuals. With this solution, you can save your money and see lasting results. Remember, use it twice daily for best results!

8 Advantages of Natural 2-Step Topical Anti-Fungal Solution

1. Inexpensive

When you purchase the above 2-step fungal topical solution, you save on tons of money. Some treatments are too pricey for most individuals to comfortably afford.

2. Easy Application

You do not need skilled expertise or a wide knowledge base to use the fungal topical treatment. Also, there is a manual that comes with the box to give you more directions. The steps involved include using a dropper in warm water, soaking your feet for five minutes or more for best results, pay drying gently with a soft towel and finally applying the topical ointment. Remember to make sure your feet are completely dry for the whole treatment to take effect as expected.

3. Fast Results

The results start showing just after a few days of use. This is primarily due to the fantastic ingredients in the solution that work seamlessly to alleviate fungal infections. Tea tree oil offers antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, which calm redness and swelling. It also helps to reduce scars, leaving you with smooth and clear skin.

4. Rehydration of the Skin

Jojoba oil is also present in this fungal treatment, acting as a skin moisturizer. Most skin cleaning agents and body soaps strip away the natural oils and moisture of the skin. Jojoba oil, on the other hand, rehydrates the feet after every use and throughout the night. It seals in moisture to offer an effective barrier against harsh skin elements, like flakiness.

5. Pleasant Smell

The smell you get after every application is not too overwhelming, and non-irritating to the nose. Some foot treatments work great, but the smell is unbearable. With this toenail fungal treatment, you not only get super effective results but also fresh-smelling skin. You can walk around with zero self consciousness.

6. Money back Guarantee

Also, the money-back guarantee is an added user experience. If for instance, you experience zero effects or undesired results, you get a full refund from the company. No questions asked. No other product has such a fantastic offer for its customers.

7. Botanical Ingredients

Botanical ingredients actively fight fungal infections. The presence of jojoba oil, tea tree oil, olive oil, sesame oil plus other skin-promoting ingredients will guarantee a speedy recovery and good health. In less than a week, you will see amazing results like clear nails, little to zero discolorations, less swelling and also thinner nails.

8. More Application Methods

Apart from the numerous benefits, you almost have a zero hands free experience. The only time you use your hands is during application, which is quick and easy–you can relax as the treatment works its magic. You can purchase an antifungal nail polish, too, which is also widely accessible. Some people prefer using this nail paint because it has both aesthetic and practical effects. Antifungal nail polish is not only good for the fingernails but also works great on toenails.

Some antifungal nail polish has an advanced formulation with oxygen permeability. This element helps to improve the nails’ appearance. Also, another ingredient common in most antifungal nail polish is tea tree oil. The scientific name of tea tree oil is Melaleuca Alternifolia. This ingredient offers a natural antiseptic and also provides a beautiful gloss that kills fungus.

Detecting Early Signs and Symptoms of Nail Fungal Infections

Treating nail fungal infections can be challenging, especially if they have developed into something severe. Also, nail fungus is quite tough to remove because they are widespread. Dealing with nail fungus is best done as early as possible, but how will you know when a fungal nail infection is starting? The following shows how you can identify early stages of nail fungal infections.

4  Early Symptoms Include of Fungal Infections

1. Nail Discoloration:

Your nails turn to a yellow, brown or pale white colour. This is a sign that the fungus is spreading and increasing in volume.

2. Nail Thickening:

Fungus is spreading through the toenail. The tightly packed nail layers are taken apart, resulting in thicker than standard size.

3. Flaky Skin Around the Infected Area:

Along with regular nail chipping, this is a sign of inflammation of the contaminated region, and can cause foul-smelling nails.

4. Flaky Nails:

Occurs when fungus breaks the nail layers, indicating a high spreading infection.

Now you know some of the common symptoms, let us look at some effective cures.

Tips for Eliminating Toenail Fungal Infections

The top recommended way of curing nail fungus is the use of organic oils to alleviate or kill the infection. In doing so, you also relieve pain and discomfort to the affected person. This method is ideal because it helps to prevent any future infections, unlike other remedies. These solutions are safe to use and are great to get rid of toenail fungus quickly. Note that some other oral antifungal solutions can have adverse effects on internal organs.

8 Ways to Keep Your Feet and Toenails Healthy

1. Wash Your Feet

Remember to wash your feet using warm water daily. You can use exfoliating foot or body soap and gently scrub all over. Ensure you also clean your feet in places that are hidden from view, such as in between your toes, where most people tend to forget.

2. Clean Your Toenails

Washing the toenails alone will not make them healthy. You should try to clean the inside parts of the nails. Cut the rough and chipped edges away, and if you feel you need extra TLC, go to the spa and get a pedicure. An even length will not only make the appearance more appealing, but also ensure your nail grows at the same rate.

It’s critical to prevent or avoid worsening an ingrown toenail. To clean them, use a toothpick and place it under the toenails, located in the part under your nail’s white tips. Carefully pick away all the dirt. A bit of advice when clipping nails: try not to go below the end of the toe.

3. Soak Your Toenails in Warm Water

The recommended time to effectively soak your toenails is approximately five minutes. This reduces any damage on your toenails and foot. You can use a foot soak and soak your feet as per directions.

4. Moisturize

You can use your favorite foot lotion and rub it in. This will ensure your feet stay hydrated during the day and also at night.

5. Pat Dry Your Feet

Pat dry gently and never rub your feet. Remember that your skin is delicate and you need to be extra cautious when handling them.

6. File Your Toenails

File the nail and not the skin. Filing will ensure an even length and help with growth.

7. Shave Dry Skin

You can use a soft toothbrush to rub away any dry skin. This process is painless and easy.

8. Consistency

Repeat your daily toenail routine once or twice a day to get the best results. Your healthy nails and feet will thank you!

How to Remove an Ingrown Nail Without Surgery

Various online tutorials and articles explain simple methods to remove an ingrown nail. We have come up with the best way you can remove an ingrown nail, especially if you have developed nail infections as a result.

An ingrown nail is the area of the edge of the nail that is buried within the skin of the toe. This can cause redness, pain and swelling in the sufferer’s toe or around the nail.

This type of toenail infection can be as a result of many different factors. For example, a poorly fit shoe can be an easy way to develop these painful toenail infections. When you constantly wear shoes that do not fit well, they put pressure on your toes. This is the main cause of an ingrown nail problem. It is better to wear oversized footwear rather than shoes that are too small for you. Always wear something that brings comfort to your entire foot, and don’t forget about your toes!

Some people elect to have surgery to resolve this problem. This particular procedure can be quite expensive, but also very effective. Most people do not have the monetary luxury or ability to afford such a procedure, though. The good news is that you can avoid this costly option, because there are natural methods that are also effective, and cost considerably less.

How to Remove an Ingrown Toenail Naturally

  • Squeeze garlic and place it on the infected area. Fix or tape it with a band aid to keep it in position throughout the night. Another popular method used is adding marigold to hot water and soaking your feet for about half an hour. Let it work overnight, and you can see some improvements the very next day.
  • Another effective method similar to the above one replaces the marigold with salt. This method relieves inflammation. You can also remove or squeeze the juice from an onion and use it to soak the ingrown nail. Use a bandage to cover it overnight. To soothe any discomfort and pain, warm a lemon cup and insert the affected nail for half an hour.

How to Avoid Ingrown Toenails

  • Always cut your nail in a straight, even line. It is best to avoid round tips for this reason.
  • Use proper shoes that do not compress your feet and toes in any way. If you already have an ingrown toenail, the recommended way to treat it is to have your feet outdoors frequently. Try to wear sandals or go barefoot, which offers proper ventilation to the foot.
  • Lastly, remember to avoid accidents where your toenails get hit. The more damage that occurs to it, the more the problem worsens. Additionally, it becomes very painful, as the nail gets buried deep inside the edges of the toe.

The Bottom Line

Always ensure you take care of your nails. Things like chipped nails, uneven edges and length, discolorations and also infections need to be addressed sooner rather than later. There are many available methods that you can employ to alleviate and prevent fungal infections, most of which are inexpensive and easy to use.

You will get fantastic benefits within days after using topical treatments in particular. Remember, when you use fungal nail polish, check with your foot doctor first. It is unwise to use some products without getting a full medical diagnosis. Our Natural 2-Step Topical Anti-Fungal Solution will guarantee you will get rid of fungal infection completely, get yours now!

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